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About Me


I love what I do and love working with interesting people and organizations.


I am an international leader in procurement and supply chain management with an impressive track record of executing major institutional reforms and bringing innovative methods and ideas to successive organizations. 

I have served as the head of procurement for a mid-sized municipality in Canada as well as a national government in the Caribbean. In 2013 my team was the sole recipient of Summit Magazine's peer-reviewed award for Leadership in Public Procurement for groundbreaking work using competitive dialogue on capital construction projects. 

My early career was in the private sector with progressive positions in the retail trade and there I  developed a keen understanding of business dynamics and commercial operations. 

CIG Headshot.png
Craig Milley

Principal Consultant


  • customer focused and service driven 

  • results oriented with strong analytical abilities 

  • strategic perspective and strong communication skills

  • private sector business experience

  • municipal government experience

  • international experience

C: 250-882-4955

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