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  • Design the right-sized Governance model for your organization

  • Build a sensible procurement Decision Making process

  • Deliver best-in-class Bidding Templates that are simple yet ironclad

  • Guide you to Enabling Technology that can transform your procurement process

  • Construct defensible & effective Evaluation architecture

  • Create customized Tools for your internal clients

  • Provide specialized Training for your staff and other stakeholders

  • Support your large, complex procurement Projects

  • Reduce the price you pay through effective Strategic Sourcing techniques

Reverse Auction


Reverse Auctions represent an opportunity to reduce spending in a disciplined and strategic way. While not fool-proof and certainly not applicable to all purchasing categories, when they are strategically used, you can expect to generate savings of 8-20% depending on the category. What kind of impact would that level of savings have on your organization? My full-support auction services will ensure success. 

Hand arranging wood block concept of Pol
Policy Development


Whether you need your policies tweaked or a complete overhaul, I have extensive experience in creating the right sized governance model for your organization. Policies must not just be written words but must be lived every day and I can show you how to embed your policy in your process for long term compliance. 

Young business team enjoying success, lo
Project Support


Your time is valuable and the key to your project success is knowing where, when  and how to deploy limited resources. With your large, complex projects, let me take the burden off your team and support you through RFP drafting, fairness monitoring, evaluation management, or full e-procurement functionality. You can meet your tight project timelines and reduce risk.  

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Online Learning


I am a big believer in the power of practical knowledge delivered by people who live it every day. My webinars and online training events are designed for practitioners like you and will bring you tips and techniques that you can use right away. Click here for the latest in my SKILLED PRACTITIONER series. 

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e-Reverse Auction.


Here is a quick overview of my partner, Procurex and our full-support reverse auction solution

Cayman Case Study.


In his June 2016 Purchasing B2B column entitled 2020 Vision: How to Relaunch Your Tendering System, Paul Emanuelli explains how leading-edge innovations in tender call drafting, bid evaluation and price negotiations are taking the art of tendering to new heights of speed and precision. Using recent leading-edge innovations in the Cayman Islands as a case study, this webinar provides a vantage point into how smart tendering templates, automated bid evaluations and electronic reverse auctions will transform the government procurement industry by the year 2020.

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